The Mindful MSP - Webinar Recording


  • The Mindful MSP


  • Alicia Mendez, CPCS, CPMSM 


  • During this 60 minute connection, MSPs are invited to be in community with one another. This gathering is to offer our amazing gatekeepers of quality healthcare simple yet powerful holistic tools and practices to navigate the day-to-day challenges facing our profession. We will introduce several breathing techniques, and a brief ‘in chair’ movement to offer practices that can aid us in moments of overwhelm and or stress. These techniques offer pause, allowing us the opportunity to respond, not react, to the demands of our role as vital members of the healthcare community. This webinar is sure to offer new and revitalizing techniques that we can continue to practice on our own or even share with our team. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Perform mindfulness & breathing techniques utilized to connect to the present moment, reduce stress and anxiety which offer response versus reaction to everyday challenges. 
  • Identify/Discuss the benefits of exploring mindfulness and breathing techniques.

Who Should Attend: 

  • MSPs searching to incorporate mindfulness into their careers and daily lives


  • This webinar recording has been approved for 1 CE credit.


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This webinar covers the following Tomorrow's MSP® Core Functional Area(s) and Skillsets

Core Functional Area(s):

  • Manages Departmental Operations


  • Medical Staff Wellness
  • Professional Presence


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The Mindful MSP
Begin self-paced component package.
Begin self-paced component package. Watch the webinar recording of "The Mindful MSP" by Alicia Mendez, CPCS, CPMSM". Then, complete the associated webinar quiz and earn 80% or higher to receive CE credit.
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1.00 CE Credits credit  |  Certificate available
1.00 CE Credits credit  |  Certificate available